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Why do you want to search for"who is searching for you"?


Have you ever been curious who from your past might be searching for you? Now you can find out. Perhaps you want to know if a long lost friend or family member is looking for you.  Maybe a former schoolmate or even an old love has been looking for you?

Finding out if someone is searching for you is as simple as setting up a FREE account with your name, birthdate, gender, zip and email.  Once you have your free access you will be able to see if anyone has been searching for you, if they have been, you can get complete access to their contact information for just $5 a month.



Who's Searching For You?

Jennifer was searching for her dad. Then a woman who's high school and home town matched her father's added Jennifer as a contact. Did she know him? Jennifer wondered and sent an email.

"Three days later I received a reply from a girl saying she was my little sister - one I didn't know about!" Jennifer says. The girl was Niki, and after a brief exchange Jennifer realized this was indeed her sibling. "Niki's mother is named Maryanne and she knew about me. She had been looking for me, added me as a contact, and that's who I emailed." Making things even stranger, the last time Jennifer spoke with her father was 10 years ago, and he'd mentioned a daughter named Martha.

"Niki and I put our heads together, started searching, found Martha's grandmother and then got in touch with Martha," Jennifer continued. "Martha's mother died in a car accident and she was looking for us as well." A joyful reunion soon followed.

"This has been the most exciting time in my life," she says. "Imagine being 29 years old with a husband with 3 beautiful children and finding out I have 2 sisters and 3 nephews. My children are excited about their aunts, uncles, and cousins. And now, after all these years, I have the family I never thought I would have. Thank you ... you helped bring some closure to my life."

Jennifer has still not found her father, but the three girls are looking and Web People Search will alert them if his name ever pops up. See Who's Searching for You!

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